Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is this study being done?

Immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases is an incredibly important public health need yet many patients do not receive the necessary immunizations. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are ideally positioned to provide this care to patients. Our study seeks to enhance existing immunization activities for pneumococcal and herpes zoster immunizations in community pharmacies in Alabama and California.

 What do I get out of participation?

All participating pharmacies will receive $350 monetary compensation. In addition, individual participants will receive 3 credit hours (1 hour live, 2 hours recorded) of CE providing updates on immunization recommendations and practical strategies to enhance immunization practices at your pharmacy.

 What is my time commitment if I participate?

See Roles and Responsibilities for detailed information about your commitments. You will participate in periodic assessments throughout the study period in the form of questionnaires and one final interview. Most of these assessments will not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

 What is the "intervention" of this study?

The intervention consists of a CE on Practical Strategies to enhance immunization activities at the beginning of the study period as well as expert feedback during the 6-month study period. We hope that participating sites will apply what you learn from CE programs to improve your immunization services.

If I am not randomized to the intervention group, will I receive anything?

Yes. In addition to $350 monetary compensation to your site, if you are put into the control group, you will still receive an immunization update CE at the beginning of the study and a practical strategies CE at the end of the 6-month study period. See Study Process for more information.

 Will any of my personal or business information be shared?

Definitely not. No identifying information about the specific pharmacies nor staff involved will be reported in the results of this study.

 Does this study involve patient information?

Definitely not. No patient information will be collected as part of this study.

 How do I sign up or what if I would like to know more?

Please contact Dr. Garza (AL) or Dr. Huston (CA) to enroll. Their contact information is listed here.